ShowMyWell is the low-cost, easy-to-use, integrated smart upstream asset performance monitoring platform.

ShowMyWell is comprised of dashboard platform(sDOF) and IoT enabled field monitoring devices..

ShowMyWell has 4 main functionalities like:.

Daily Gathering of Big Field Data
Our IoT sensors and devices are easily deployed to any field facility to record and transmit key properties for use by Machine Learning and AI analytics. These data can help to establish predictive maintenance programs that minimize downtime due to un-planned equipment failures.

Remote Operation
Our monitoring platform and IoT sensors and devices enable operators to remotely perform functions that previously required daily interactions by staff. Such abilities allows for continuous key operations even during periods of extreme climate or weather conditions.

Daily Real Time Reporting of Data
Our monitoring platform provides 24/7 real time monitoring of key performance indicators (KPI) of wells and facilities. Alarms instantly notifies the operator of failures or when well or equipment performance falls below target levels.

Digitalization is Cost Effective
Our system provides operators with a simple to use, low-cost Digital Oil Field solution to provide real time monitoring of key assets. In addition to increasing efficiencies and reducing operating costs, access to the digital data being captured allows our operator partners to accelerate and optimize their decision-making process.





Eviornment Friend

Maximize Productivity

ShowMyWell combines artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), mobile connectivity and the cloud to monitor, analyze and report in real-time, asset performance related information gathered in the field.  Our solutions provide operators with the ability to integrate technology, information, people, and processes to optimize production, and improve operational efficiency. Real-time monitoring allows our industry partners to quickly respond to changing conditions and perform necessary predictive corrections to reduce downtime loss and to undertake mitigating measures to prevent environmental damage.

Our System

Equipment Installation

Smart sensors located on critical well, facility and infrastructure

Data Collection

Receiver and Transmitters collect and securely send the data across the net using field routers strategically located through the field

Data Analysis

Data Reporting

Data is uploaded into the ShowMyWell Dashboard for analysis and reporting of Field performance to desktops and smart devices.

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